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- Yes, that's right. Does that mean he won't wait for me?

- Of course not. And it is unlikely that the other owner will agree to wait. You should now do not even search for an apartment, but make a list of houses in which you would like to live

Then you need to write an action plan and link it to the calendar so that the apartment deal falls in the summer, when it will be easier for the child to transfer from one school to another, since during the holidays he will slightly tear himself away from the class.

- I agree with you, I will reconsider my plan.

A deal plan is a road map to achieve your goals and satisfy your needs.

Often, when drawing up a plan on paper, the participants in the transaction reconsider their needs and requests. Look at an example. A couple comes to us for advice.

The couple sold an apartment with an area of ​​83 m2 in a Stalinist building on the Voikovskaya metro station. Their request is as follows: to buy an apartment of a larger area so that the sons who do not get along in one room have separate rooms.